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The purpose of a Toyota Hilux snorkel is to supply air into the engine to complete the fuel combustion cycle. The original air intake system must be disconnected to install a snorkel, and the engine must receive air through the Toyota Hilux snorkel. Once this is done, air will enter the engine through the snorkel rather than the front bumper air intake.

This effectively raises the air intake to virtually the car’s roof, ensuring that air reaches the engine even when the vehicle is wading through water. The snorkel is now built to create a ‘ram effect,’ in which air is forced into the engine as the vehicle travels.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Snorkel While Driving A Toyota Hilux?

Engine Performance And Efficiency Have Improved.

Because of its high position, a Toyota Hilux snorkel can increase engine performance on or off the road by taking in cooler, cleaner, and uncontaminated air. As your car drives, the air taken in near the engine area is hot and contains particles of dirt, grease, and dust. This means you’ll have greater power and performance when you need it most.

It Prevents The Engine From Becoming Clogged With Dust

Humans use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect themselves from inhaling dust and dirt particles. You can picture what dust would do to the internals of your favorite four wheel drive’s combustion engine that demands a mixture of oxygen and fuel. A Toyota Hilux snorkel is essentially personal protective equipment for your car.

Improved Fuel Economy

Dust, water, and other micro particles are kept out of your engine with the use of a snorkel. There are a variety of makes and types that are appropriate for any situation. The Toyota Hilux snorkel can suck in cleaner, cooler air, increasing fuel efficiency and cleaning your air filters when installed at roof height.

When Is It Appropriate To Use A Snorkel?

A Toyota Hilux snorkel is the most acceptable way to get the cleanest and purest air into your car engine, whether you’re on the road or off. Even if you’re not crossing rivers or fighting high tides, a snorkel can assist you in increasing performance and fuel efficiency in severe rain or dusty conditions.

Does Using A Snorkel Help You Save Money On Gas?

The snorkel keeps the air clean and cold, preventing any particles from getting in the way of the machine doing its work and relieving pressure on the air filters. Because engines usually draw air from the engine bay, snorkels provide the engine with more of what it requires. In any case, the snorkel allows your engine to breathe more quickly and efficiently.

Is It True That Snorkeling Reduces Airflow?

Quite the reverse. Snorkels use the ‘ram effect,’ which uses forward motion to drive clean air into your engine to boost airflow. Not only that, but by forcing air into your engine rather than sucking it in, you’re giving it more of what it needs.

Why Do Certain Snorkels Have A Backward Orientation?

Although the snorkel has a ram effect, some drivers have chosen to face the snorkel’s grid in the opposite direction. This appears to be in more extreme conditions like harsh dusty roads, heavy tropical rains, or heavy snow – enough snow might clog the intake grid and starve the engine of air – but the snorkel should be put forward in most cases.


When driving through a brook or a flooded road, the snorkel is an addition for Toyota Hilux that helps the vehicle breathe. This article is for individuals thinking about obtaining a Toyota Hilux snorkel because it explains how it works and how to install one.