Ideas To Make The Best Custom Mugs For Your Employees In 2021

Want to make your employees feel appreciated for their hard work and include them in your company family? Get them custom mugs ! Custom mugs have been on the rise for the last couple of years as one of the most sought-after presents employers present to their employees. This is because even such a simple token of appreciation can go a long way!

So if you are looking for innovative ideas to include on your custom mugs for your employees, then you have come to the right place! Read on as we present the 7 best ideas for custom mugs for employees! 

7 Ideas To Make the Best Custom Mugs For Your Employees

Making a custom mug is not a big deal. All you have to do is Google custom mugs near me and you will get various options where you can get these bulk custom mugs done! But the problem arises when you try to figure out what you would like to print on your custom mug. So here are 7 ideas that we think are perfect while making a custom mug for your employee –

  • Use Special Adjectives

While this idea is more suited for a small-scale company, it is a very effective idea indeed! First, it involves finding out the best attributes of your employee – maybe they are the best event-planner, the perfectionist, or the problem-solver of the team! Then, if you get their attributes printed on their custom mugs as their special adjective, imagine how happy your employees will be! Of course, it would need a lot of planning but trust us, it is a worthy idea for boosting morale and self-confidence in the work environment!

  • Print Their Names

Who wouldn’t want to have their names printed on their coffee mugs – it is such a special gesture! Imagine one coffee mug meant just for you! So get your employees’ names printed on coffee mugs with special typography and fonts to make them feel even more welcome into the company family! It will also help them boost their self-confidence and help them work more efficiently. 

If you want to go the extra mile, enlist the help of your company’s wordsmith to come up with unique names for your employees – maybe something to rhyme with their name?

Talk to your custom mug printing house before going ahead with any of these plans – since they include individual attention, your printing house should understand the assignment properly to execute it with precision. 

  • Use Their Special Characteristics

Every team member has special characteristics outside of work. Try to look for what intrigues them in the outside world – are they party people, book lovers, or travelers. Help them identify with their specialty even at work by getting custom mugs printed on them with their hobby! Add “Traveler” or “Party Goer” or “Bookworm” to their names and get it printed on their custom mugs. We guarantee your employees are going to love it!

  • Use Motivational Quotes

Every one of us requires motivation at all times of the day, especially in today’s high-stress workplace. However, specific functions, such as sales, can also be very dull or even demotivating. In these moments, caffeine is well known for energizing our brain cells. So why not also motivate the heart? A coffee break becomes much more than a break with an inspiring line to gaze at while sipping coffee. Your employee will become much more energetic and will get back to their work with much more enthusiasm!

You can find several inspirational quotes on Google or Pinterest. Just look for the best ones, download them, and ask your custom mugs printing house to get it printed on the mug!

  • Define Them By Their Profession

One of the best things you can do is appreciate them for their work – identify their profession and help them feel proud of it. How? Just get their professional name printed on their coffee mug! You can also add a team photo as the base of the custom mugs photo to enhance their sense of belonging. Reminding them of the work they do and subtly telling them how good they are at their profession will significantly boost their pride and happiness.

  • Use Their Company Region

Most of the time, people have to relocate for their jobs. While initially, they have a sense of resentment for the place they have been sent to, with time, they tend to develop a special bond. We suggest enhancing this special bond by helping them identify with the region they are in. For example, if your company is in Mumbai, get a small picture of Mumbai with its map, some famous places along with the words “Mumbaikar” printed on the custom mugs. This will help them relate more to the place they are in and feel proud.

  • Help Them Identify With The Company 

This may be the best solution for significant firms with offices in numerous Indian states. The firm itself — the aim they are working towards – is the unifying factor among personnel. And helping an employee identify with their company becomes crucial to make them feel a part of it and help them become motivated enough to work hard for its goals. 

The easiest approach to foster this sense of belonging and pride is to print the company’s internal pet name for staff along with the company’s logo on coffee mugs. This will make them feel more connected to the company, to their colleagues and motivate them to work harder towards the company goal. 

You can get these custom mugs printing done at any nearby printing company. Just ensure that they specialize in exactly what you desire, and you are good to go!


Anyone can do custom mugs cheap, but what counts is the kind of custom mugs you get done! They need to make your employees feel special and feel like they are appreciated for their work and are part of the company family! So take inspiration from these ideas mentioned above and get the best custom mug done for your employee!