Why Do Vets Recommend Fish Oil Soft Chews for Pets?

Fish oil soft chews are one of the most frequently bought supplements by pet owners. It has countless health benefits, but only if it has the proper formulation and is purchased from a reputable company. Furthermore, it will only be effective if administered at the correct dose.

Moving on, the reason vets recommend the intake of these chews is because of the following benefits:

Fish Oil Soft Chews Protects the Heart

This product has been proven effective in the case of atrial fibrillation. It is a condition where the heart is vulnerable to develop irregular heart rhythm. More so, it is an anticoagulant that helps prevent blood clots in cats with heart problems.

Supports Dry, Itchy, And Allergy Skin

Are you struggling to provide the proper treatment for your pet’s allergy? The Omega 3 chews can help. These chews reduce the release and production of cytokines, which is a potent stimulator of inflammation.

Reduces The Progression of Kidney Diseases

The fish oil tends to lower the blood pressure, decrease the unwanted protein loss in urine. Also, it reduces the production of anti-inflammatory substances that aggravates kidney problems.

Improves The Neurological Development

Many studies have supported that choosing soft chews for dogs can help them learn new skills quickly compared to those who don’t take an additional DHA.

The fish oil chews have helped older pets with cognitive dysfunction and improved their family recognition ability.

Less Shedding with The Best Omega 3 Treats for Dogs

The first complaint of any pet owner is the shedding and dandruff all over the place. Luckily, there are several ways to minimize the excess flaking. Either you can keep them off the sofas and bed, or you can supplement them with additional fish oil chews.

This substance can make your pet’s skin moisturized and make the fur stronger from the roots. It’s great news for all pet owners, especially for those whose pets have bad allergies.

Reduces The Appearance of Hot Spots

Flaky skin is a classic sign of omega-three deficiency. On top of it, if your pet starts to scratch vigorously, it can worsen the situation. It will allow the bacteria to pass through the skin, making infection a painful experience for them. However, with fish oil chews for dogs and cats, the inflammation causing the itchiness will be reduced; it will also heal any breaks in the skin the pet has already caused.

Supports In the Treatment of Chronic Disease

No pet owner wants their pet to suffer from a chronic disease. If you are one of them, you can visit IVS Pet to find a good fish oil soft chew to help manage the condition. Though it’s not a cure, it can help delay the symptoms and keep them healthier for longer. Some of the studies have also shown that fish oil reduces the symptoms of cancer cells in the body.

However, before making any significant changes to the regimen or diet of the pet, make sure you consult a vet. They will suggest the best fish oil soft chews suitable for them.